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DJ Pedram began his journey through music in 2005, DJ-ing small events for friends, family and charity. What started as a hobby rapidly burgeoned into a deeper love for music and a strong desire to learn the art form behind spinning records. As he continued to hone his skills and grow his talent, DJ Pedram soon found himself DJ-ing and hosting large events featuring hundreds to thousands of attendees along the east coast and his alma mater, University of Maryland.

Soon after his start, DJ Pedram broke into Washington DCs nightlife scene where his style of mixing Top 40, international, hip hop and house music was warmly welcomed by crowds across the city. Since then, he has performed some of the nation’s capital’s most prestigious nightlife venues, including Lima, Josephine’s, Ultra Bar, Eden, Love, and Fur, to name a few.

With such an impressive resume under his belt and a world of potential yet to be reached, DJ Pedram holds himself only to the highest quality of musical standards. “Mixing music and reading a crowd is an art,” DJ Pedram says. “When you look at it like this, you begin to see what types of songs, genres, beats, lyrics, and rhythms make a crowd ‘tick.’ I try to make every set of music I play the best possible. The best feeling is seeing people leave an event I’m DJing with a smile on their faces, and I try to do that every time I play.”

From an academic standpoint, Pedram is slated to finish his MBA at Georgetown University in the Spring of 2014.


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  • Farsi
  • English

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