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Growing up as a teen, DJ Shahrooz discovered music at an early age, when he tried playing the violin. Even though the violin did not become a life long instrument for him, he quickly realized his passion for music and his need to somehow be a part of the music industry.

He became a DJ because he wanted to make a difference in the music scene. Through practice and dedication, he brought his skills to the Washington DC metropolitan area, gaining more confidence after each private and public event. Whether it was a small wedding or at a club in front hundreds of people, he learned about crowd reactions and things that you simply cannot learn by just practicing behind two decks and a mixer.

DJ Shahrooz has gone on to perform at lavish weddings as well as at the most thought after lounges and night clubs in the area [Eden, Lima, Ibiza, Donovan House and more]. Although the crowd and the type of music the crowd likes differs each night, one thing that stays the same is that he goes to every event ready to please everyone that is there. It is his versatility and ability to adapt to any crowd that makes him stand out as a DJ. He can play everything from Hip-Hop to underground electronic sounds, to Top 40 and International. His abilities to mix different genres are the reason for his success.


  • International
  • Persian
  • Western

Languages Spoken

  • Farsi
  • English

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